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Isoflex Flexible drive Couplings are designed to isolate drive line vibration, propeller pulse and gear chatter. Properly installed they can assist in alleviating engine misalignment reducing binding of the drive bearings. They assist the engine mounts to do their job by flexing with engine movement to isolate vibration.

In the event of the propeller hitting an underwater obstacle, the Isoflex Flexible Coupling is designed to be a sacrificial link failing before gearbox damage occurs.

Manufactured using a high quality engineering polyurethane and a specialised machining technique to eliminate run-out and consequent vibration, Isoflex couplings are easy to install and usually the propeller shaft does not require cutting. The majority of the larger 6 hole, 8 hole and 10 hole couplings have precision machined steel index rings to maximise dimensional stability.

Isoflex takes the guess work out of selecting the right coupling for your application with a simple step by step process shown in the attached product brochure which also includes handy cross reference guides.